Software development in Poland – what you should know about it?

Software is a key component to success for any modern business, no matter if that is a simple website or complex system of programs. However, it may not be easy to employ developers in your city/country. That is when outsourcing comes for help. Eastern and Central Europe are currently some of the most popular destinations […]

Agile software development – what should I know about it?

Agile and its methods are very popular nowadays. But for many clients terms like Scrum, the waterfall are not very recognizable. They don’t know the consequence of choosing or following one of these methodologies. That’s why it is worth explaining the differences between them and what is Agile. In this article, we will present what […]

Nearshore Software Development – what you should know about it?

As internal resources are always limited, businesses face the “make or buy” problem when launching new projects. Due to their digital nature, software projects open prospects for remote work and usage of human resources all over the globe. Moreover, software development is an area where the local talent pool tends to get quickly depleted due […]

Big software company or small software company? What is the best choice for software projects?

One of the factors to consider when selecting a supplier for a software project is the supplier size. The market spans from single-person workshops to giants employing several hundred thousand specialists. There are benefits and disadvantages on both ends of the scale. General overview – small and big software companies Why is the supplier size […]

What are the most commonly used types of software development contracts?

Any software development project operates on resources that were designated for them by the client and the development team. It is very important to choose the correct type of contract in order not to cross those limits and get the required quality of the final product. In this article, we will review the financial side […]